“Follow The Pot” is a project to increase the understanding from clay to finished piece. The goal with the Project is to show the process from sketch to finished piece.

The process is divided into 6 steps, 1 picture for each step. To make this even more interesting, a price will be added to each picture to show the value of the piece in it's current state. The price will gradually increase for each step in the process.

It therefore starts below market price and then ends with a full price after the entire process is completed. For the daring, it means that an early purchase would result in a low price. However, the risk is that the piece can not complete the entire firing process and then only the sketch would be handed over to the buyer.
  1. Picture/film is posted as a sketch together with a price.
  2. Picture/film from the making of the piece, the price increases.
  3. Picture/film from the glazing of the piece, the price increases.
  4. Picture/film on the piece before firing, the price increases.
  5. Picture/film from the firing, the price increases. If the work fails to handle the fire and the piece is already purchased, the sketch is handed over to the buyer.
  6. Picture/film of the piece after firing, the work is completed and the price has increased to market level.

    Order? Emilosterholm@yahoo.se Starting on October 18, 2018 with a picture on a sketch on this site.
    The fastest to book owns the work, the first will recive a confirm on there email. “Kanna” is SOLD!

    Current price 500 SEK


Current Price 800 SEK


Current Price 1100 SEK

Current Price 1400 SEK  SOLD

Current Price 1600 SEK  SOLD


End Price 2200 SEK  SOLD